Am I Wrong?

from by Paul Arend



there’s got to be a medicine to slow my growing older
there’s got to be a method to keep my heart from getting colder
there’s got to be a way to keep the barking dogs at bay
I’ve got splinters in my fingertips from holding back the gates
I’ve got to make a plan because it seems they’re getting stronger

there’s got to be a perfect prayer to save a non believer
there’s got to be a holy flow to keep my conscious cleaner
there’s got to be a secret trick to holding onto innocence
regardless of the vicious lips of people sharing loneliness
I must resist acquiring their critical demeanor

I’ve heard there’s a fountain that never runs dry
where the old men can drink from and never will die
a wellspring eternal to mend and revive
appointed from the heavens by power divine

I could be wrong, but then, what if I’m right?
if I am, what a plan, what a pleasant surprise
a glimmer, a flicker in the darkest of nights
maybe hope’s not reserved for elect sanctified

just like the preacher pounding the pulpit
for so long
for so long
and he’s bruising his fist
am I wrong
am I wrong
for believing the best?

am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?
am I wrong?


from Medicine, released July 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Paul Arend Redding, California

my music is a deeply personal test in pushing past the constraints of familiarity. it reflects my progression of personal development and discovery of self.

the content here should not be viewed as individual pieces, but rather chapters that contribute to a broader work.

I sincerely hope it inspires you to push past what you know, to truly find yourself.
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